Home Soft Furnishing - navy sofa with lots of colourful cushions

Soft Furnishings

5 products
    5 products
    Katrin Striped Bolster Cushion
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    Life's A Circus Knit Blanket
    Calhoun & Co.
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    Quilted Crisp Cushion
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    Sold Out
    Savannah Umbre Mattress - 70x180cm
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    Home Soft Furnishing

    Create a warm and inviting home by adding textural throws and soft cushions whilst exploring the use of tone and pattern in your home. The layering of soft furnishings creates a sensory response which brings calm and relaxation.

    Our wonderful collection of soft furnishings in the UK includes sumptuous velvets, super cool linens, bold stripes and retro florals for a harmonious and inviting living spaces, bedrooms and reading nooks for all the family. Looking for something to go under that throw? Why not check our furniture collection, or kitchenware collection for something all together more practical?