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    Annings of Dorset upcycle hundreds of thousands of seashells every year, which are otherwise discarded by the fishing industry. They create exfoliating soap that is longer lasting, great for your skin, smells fantastic and all the while helps the environment. It doesn’t get much better! Need something for a long soak? Why notchback out our range of bath soap.
    " Every year millions of tonnes of seashells are discarded by the fishing industry. Rather than see these unloved seashells go to waste, we decided to upcycle them into an eco-friendly material that forms the basis of our distinctive Annings soap.
    We collect seashells from sustainable British scallop fisheries and process them using a unique method — and an Annings secret — to harness their naturally restorative properties. This process helps to create a soap that is longer lasting, great for your skin and helps the environment! "
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