What Does Your Bookshelf Say About You?

Accessories for Decorating the Home - Bode LivingHere at Bøde Living, we see bookshelves as a little peek into someone’s life. Standing as a record of your accomplishments, each book gives a tell-tale nod towards your personality, your lifestyle or even your guilty pleasures, perhaps?

With plenty to be said about you from just the titles, further insights can be found in the arrangement of a bookshelf. How organised are the books, are they ordered large to small, colour co-ordinated or even alphabetically?

Do you have a room dedicated to reading, your own little library? Or do your books, once read get bundled into boxes and sent off to storage, or to a charity shop for a second chance?

Whatever your arrangement, books are an integral part of the way we learn, communicate and share knowledge. They can tell stories, teach you to cook, give an insight into a great mind or comfort you with some worldly life advice.

There are books out there for everyone and in a modern, technological world, it’s easy to forget how much of an important part they have played in the development of humanity.

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Lifestyle Guides

home accessories to brighten up your bookshelves, we’ve also put some time into finding some great literature to help fill your mind and bookshelves with inspiration. From Nordic living and design to cookery, gardening and lifestyle, we have a wide range of titles to entertain.

You could discover the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. Perhaps you need to see, taste and learn more about our world (albeit from the comfort of your own home). Books don’t just have to be about personal development, of course! You could offer up some interior design advice to friends or family in the way of a gift.

In a world gone mad with the endless scrolling and shortened attention span social media and the internet have inadvertently bestowed on us, drifting off into a book is the perfect distraction from modern life. Turning each page

Bookshelves and Storage

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Need somewhere to store all those books you just bought? Look no further. Bøde specialises in interior design, with a Nordic twist. The Scandinavian lifestyle dictates calm and easy living. You’ll find these sentiments throughout all our furniture, accessories and gifts with neutral and natural colours being the order of the day.

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