What are the Traits of Scandinavian-Themed Home Décor?

The last few decades have seen Scandinavian-themed décor come into focus and stay there - and with several good reasons. Its versatility makes it extremely popular and all the best home interior design stores online and on the high street will have some Scandinavian- themed goods in there somewhere. But what are the traits of Scandinavian-themed home décor and how does it fit so well with so many different aesthetics?

Scandinavian home décor is mostly associated with 4 things and each of these things have their own appeal:

living room interior design

  • Minimalism

Minimalism is creating spaces free from clutter and having clean lines, lots of light and free space and only essential furniture. Scandinavian homeware ties this together with warm colours and textured pieces to give a simple, homely yet elegant aesthetic. These cushions are a great example of this combination, with clean lines in their shape and warmth and colour in their designs. The range of colours and shapes utilised in Scandinavian design suit minimalist spaces to a tee.

  • Natural materials

Natural materials like wood, wool and hessian can suit a whole range of aesthetics and styles and the range of colours available can make even a single piece very versatile that way. These pieces help give a feel of a natural home, where outdoors meets indoors, whilst still bringing warmth and luxury. 

bamboo ratan chair

  • Functionality

Strictly speaking, this is related to minimalism, but the functionality of Scandinavian-themed home décor is one of the traits that make sit so popular. Utensils and homeware with simple and user-friendly designs are what most people are looking for, especially in their kitchens, where usability can be a real deal-breaker.

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  • Beautiful Crafting & Design

Clean lines, smooth edges and attention to detail are the very hallmarks of Scandinavian homeware and they make for some stunning pieces which mix these factors with complex patterns and designs. The home décor range by OYOY Living Design shows this off to perfection, with simple pieces coupled with beautiful and detailed designs.   


Although these are the things Scandinavian-themed home décor is most associated with, they are by no means the only things which people love it for. Their texture and their often quirky and eye-catching nature, as seen in these home accessories, their durability and their easy maintenance are all pull-factors and will help keep these sleek, chic home accessories at the top of everyone’s list for many years to come.