What Are the Rules of Decorating?

Decorating is such a personal endeavour, and what is important to one person will be entirely different to the next, so hard and fast rules are scarce, but these hints and tips should help you create certain effects and aesthetics can be really useful tools.

The Rules of Decorating

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Knowing what you want and sticking to it is very important. The world of decorating offers many beautiful and tempting distractions, so jotting down a general plan for each area (just things like a general colour scheme and style) and sticking to it can help keep you on track for your goal.

Next up is the rule of three. In decorating, this is a rule to keep a room interesting without being garish. Choosing 3 colours, often 2 complimentary and 1 that clashes, and sticking to shades of those throughout your scheme, you can better organise your aesthetic.

Once you have that nailed, knowing who makes what is the next stop. Here, we have a brief description of a few of our own favourite collections to help you understand the different effects they can help you achieve.

What Brands Can Offer

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HKliving have a huge range that includes everything from furniture and homeware to soft furnishings. Combining classic and iconic shapes and materials with contemporary designs and colourings, this collection has a quirky aesthetic that brings spaces to life.

Madam Stoltz UK boasts a warm flavour and a relaxed, boho feel. Dark yet colourful with a very natural aura about it, the materials and colours combine to make a laid back, stylish and luxurious aesthetic. These pieces are inspired by both Scandinavian and Asian influences, bringing together the extremes of heat and cold to create a beautifully eye-catching collection.

&Klevering create homeware that is bright, colourful and instantly noticeable, so if you’re looking for a centre piece or a talking point, this is a great place to look. Contemporary shapes in a variety of styles and colours make a fun and interesting collection full of pieces you really want to touch.

Wall art is another way to give a room character and add to the desired aesthetic, and this collection from The Poster Club has contemporary posters and prints covering a range of themes and subjects, as well as a variety of frames to choose from. If you have a picture rail in the space, use it! If not, ensure you use the correct hanging kit for the size and weight of the print and frame you purchase, which can easily be found online.

Our last advice is to decorate for the people who will use the space. Talking points for the guests are lovely things to have, but the family who use the spaces every day should love them the most.