What are the Best Ceramics for Tableware?

Nordic Tableware - Ceramic

Tableware is some of the most used equipment in your home. As it is on display so much, choosing something you really love is very important, but this is not the only consideration. You also want something that can stand the level of use it’s going to get.

Finding tableware that is pleasing on the eye, but also hard wearing becomes the goal. 

Above all else, though, your tableware should be easy to use, clean and maintain. Fancy shapes and automatic implements are great for novelty, but if cleaning them is difficult or they are too fragile, they’re not going to provide the level of use you really need.

A Global Standard

Ceramic tableware has been in use for centuries in some cultures and has been found all over the world. Originally used more for pots and food storage, once ceramics were used as tableware, it never went out of fashion. Spreading from one place to the next, there are often regional variations found as the ingredients used to create it vary.

With a textured yet glossy finish, the many different methods of decoration that can be applied to them and their durability have ensured that ceramic tableware has remained with us and has evolved to include almost every aspect of dining and tableware.

The pieces you choose will reflect your style. Finding something that matches your general aesthetic is a great way to draw attention to both the tableware and your home décor.

Dining Delights

Nordic Tableware - Bode Living

If your dining area has a modern and minimalist feel and you want to inject a little colour, pieces from our 70’s Ceramics set, by HKliving, will be right up your street. Simple shapes and outlines combined with bright colours and beautiful designs make pieces that will make your dining room pop.

For a fresh, simple and classy effect, the Nordic Tableware range is perfect. Inspired by the Nordic shorelines, with their crashing waves and sandy beaches, these pieces have more muted colours and clean, simple lines and shapes.  

If you are a serial dinner-party-thrower, you may want to consider keeping a set of tableware for special occasions, as being one dish short of a full set can cause chaos once serving time arrives, and you never want your guests to find you caught short. If this is your plan, matching everything from your serving dishes to your cruet set and spoons will make an impressive effect and make your tableware the talk of the town.