Traditional, Vintage or Modern – Which is Best for Your Home?

Furnishing your home can seem like a massive task to begin with and the money, time and skill involved makes getting it right important – after all, doesn’t everyone want to love the home they live in? Finding home furnitures online with Bøde Living, gives you a great headstart.

These days, furniture comes in a million different shapes and sizes, but these still generally fall into three broader categories and knowing what these are can help you put together a home that suits you, your family and your life.

home furniture

  • Traditional

A traditional style usually means chunkier furniture with plush soft furnishings, big cushions and thicker curtains and rugs. Designed with relaxation in mind, this is for those who love their creature comforts and prefer warmth and softness.       

If you live in an old home that struggles to keep the heat, or a new one and you want to take the edges off, this could be the style for you.                     

   home decor

  • Vintage

Pick an era and stick with it! Whether you’re a fan of Victoriana, a designer diva, a Mod, a Rocker or anything in between, putting together a vintage or themed room can be a lot of fun and with something so specific, it is easy to stick to. On top of this, vintage styles offer a striking display and can be added to in the future – which is a great way to get family and friends to join in with your obsession.home accessories

  • Modern

Sleek, chic and fresh, modern furniture can have a variety of benefits, including being easier to clean and maintain and providing extra space by using lighter materials in a more minimalist style. Perfect for functional rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, modern styles should also be considered for areas where you entertain. Stylish modern conservatory furniture can keep the space clutter free and feeling fresh, making the most of the space you have.

Whether you choose to decorate room-by-room or carry your theme or style throughout the house, the look you choose may depend on a few different factors. Considering things like who will use the room and for what, the style of the building itself and what effect that may have, as well as your own personal taste, will help you achieve the look you want.

Here at Bode, our focus is around Scandinavian design and décor. The Scandinavian philosophy tends to follow that of subtlety, with minimalist designs and art, using natural hues, soft and cosy textures; clean with functional furnishings. A blend of all that is traditional, vintage and modern come into play to create a contemporary, yet comfortable finish (no pun intended).

Your home should be a place you love, are proud of and want to show off, and planning it yourself gives you the best chance to make your home your haven.