20/12/23 | 12:30pm

The Art of Japandi: Exploring Kyoto Ceramics by HKliving

The interior trend of Japandi is becoming increasingly popular around the world, with the joining together of two minimalist-style cultures to create elegant, contemporary and stylish homewares. The Kyoto Ceramics collection by HKLiving is a striking example of how the cultural styles blend perfectly to create stylish pieces for the dinner table. Let’s explore the art of Japandi and the inspiration behind Kyoto Ceramics.

What is Japandi?

As the portmanteau suggests, Japandi is a coming together of the cultures and interior styles of Japan and ‘Scandi’ which refers to Scandinavia. A trend fast gaining attention and popularity, Japandi style interiors celebrate the simple, minimalist and calm. There’s a sense of privilege and tranquillity built into the aesthetic of Japandi-inspired spaces. Think geometric shapes, sophisticated colour palettes and simple, natural beauty.

HKLiving’s Kyoto Ceramics collection is a uniquely designed range of ceramics inspired by the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony is quite commonplace in Japanese households but also very popular for tourists to enjoy when visiting Japan. Kyoto Ceramics takes the essence of the ceremony and HKLiving has used this inspiration to craft an understated collection of products for drinking and dining.

Kyoto Ceramics

The collection offers a range of tableware including plates, bowls, Yunomi mugs and rustic ceramic spoons. All pieces are crafted in Japan, adding further provenance, and they are also finished by hand so each Kyoto Ceramics product is unique and one-of-a-kind.

You can find out more about the full Kyoto Ceramics collection and shop the range at Bøde Living UK.


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