Supporting Independent Artists Vol.1 – Female Artists

artwork and prints - Leise Dich Abrahamsen

When you buy your artwork and prints from Bøde Living, you help to support independent artists. As part of our home décor range, art and prints add colour to walls and brighten up rooms.

Going it alone as an artist or creative can be a scary prospect. The transition from working your 9-5, to relying on the sale of your work alone is an incredibly difficult challenge.

For the most part, independent artists enjoy their craft in their spare time. All this whilst simultaneously holding down a job, a family or whatever else life chooses to throw at them. With the evolution of the internet, it is easier to get your work out there, but at the same time you need to be dedicated to ensuring it is seen, never mind sold.

As an independent retailer, built from the ground up, we understand the struggle completely. Therefore we felt compelled to offer our platform to independent artists.

What that means to us, is collaborating with artists that we like. Their ethos and styles are aligned with our own, and it also keeps us operating in our own space within the market. What that means for the artist, is exposure, sales and confidence.

The following is a profile of just a small handful of the female artists you’ll find in our store.

Rebecca Zwanzig - Artwork & Prints

Rosie McGuinness

Rosie lives in the busy metropolis of London. Her artwork is influenced by female fashion and celebrates the female body. The combination of women and fashion through Rosie’s minimalist style, creates colourful representations of the female form, draped in various fabrics.

Rebecca Zwanzig

Rebecca is an American illustrator living and working in Nevada. Her work draws influence from the natural world and from childhood experiences. With vibrant colours and a real 60s feel to the work, her merging of animals and plants, coupled with the fun lettering lend to the work a real feel-good-factor.

Ayako Kubo

Ayako is a member of the Tokyo Illustrator’s Society and a prolific artist. Her work features food, flowers, Japanese typography and representations of everyday life in Japan. The minimalist style and neutral colour palettes produced in her work present a subtlety that is easy on the eye, and the mind.

Leise Dich Abrahamsen

Danish artist Leise uses abstract and minimalist styles to produce stunning, thought-provoking artworks with bold colour contrasts. The endless possibilities that her art derives is manipulated and capitalised on beautifully by Leise, and her work is renowned throughout her home city of Copenhagen.

To view our full collection of art and prints, you can follow this link.