29/09/23 | 11:47am

Rediscovering Retro: Infusing Nostalgia with HKliving's Vintage-Inspired Pieces

As time moves forward, we’re obsessed with looking back and curating interiors that pay homage to the past. If retro is your thing and you want your home to emanate all things vintage, HKliving’s bold and beautiful 70s-inspired collections are exactly what you’re looking for.

A prominent Dutch interior brand, HKliving masterfully revives retro aesthetics while crafting functional yet effortlessly chic furnishings for every room in your home. Whether you're seeking to infuse a touch of nostalgia into your kitchen, dining area, or living space, their comprehensive range offers a wealth of options.

Grand Orange Glazed Table Lamp matched with the Vintage Flowers Lampshade. Showing the allure of retro charm in a modern home.

What types of vintage-inspired pieces does HKliving offer?

Whether you’re looking for a new dinner set or soft furnishings to add something retro to your living space, the HKliving Collection is here for you. The design team credits a combination of “a creative mind and a mathematical brain” as the winning formula behind their stylish vintage-inspired products, which both respect history and work wonderfully in modern homes.

For a post-bath pampering, reach for the HKliving Bath Towel 1976. And when you're winding down after work, what could be better than a hot drink in the HKliving Home Chef Cup and Saucer? With such an expansive collection, embracing '70s retro style throughout your home has never been easier.

A 70s-Inspired kitchen

Creature comforts with that 70s vibe

Embracing the 70s revival

Whether you want a full retro makeover for your entire home or are looking to add just a touch of nostalgia to individual spaces, you will find plenty of choice in the HKliving Collection, available at Bode Living home interior design store


HKliving creates individual homeware pieces to bring energy to the contemporary home.

70s Ceramics

Step back in time with 70s Ceramic Kitchenware: Vibrant Mugs, Retro Plates, Bowls, and Funky Spoons!

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The sounds of the 70's with a contemporary edge. Shop our curation of 70s style designs.