Living Room Interior Design Essentials & Guide

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Your living room is the heart of your home and probably sees a lot of people passing through it. So, making it into a space that you love and that everyone can relax and feel welcome in is really important to most of us.

Whether you choose a full redecoration or a little light makeover, being aware of what’s what in the range of decorative accessories for your living room can help you structure your theme or aesthetic a lot more successfully.

Working out exactly how much you want to change is a great place to begin. If you are happy with the overall colour scheme, you may prefer to change things like lamps and lightshades, curtains and rails, cushions, throw blankets and rugs to create your desired effect.

These small changes are subtle yet significant and can breathe new life into your room without putting you through the drama of a full redecoration.

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Before choosing your accessories, you should also think about who uses the room and what for. A living room that must regularly cater to children will need to be decorated accordingly, with anything delicate or unsuitable out of the way as a matter of course.

You should also bear in mind the amount of people who regularly expect to use the room together and try to provide adequate seating for everyone to be comfortable.

Choosing a theme or aesthetic can be a lot of fun, and if you have children, involving them can be a great way to encourage ownership and responsibility for the room and how it is kept.

This could also be a good chance to add to the room anything you feel has been lacking. If you often find yourself struggling for storage space, adding things like coat hooks, magazine racks, cupboards, cabinets or shelves may help. If your room has little natural light, extra lights or even mirrors, to reflect those you have, can provide a remedy.

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Stick to Your Plan

The real key, whatever your level of redecoration, is to make a plan and stick to it. Getting carried away is all too easy, but you don’t want your room to be cluttered before it is finished.

Our range of accessories for your living room decor has a little of everything. With plant pots, paintings, vases, cushions and much more, we can help you find all the right ingredients for your perfect living room.