Houseplants & Pots – The Ultimate Guide

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Is your home is feeling a little dull and drab? Indulging in a few houseplants is a great way to inject life into your home without breaking the bank to redecorate. Using the right pots and most appropriate places for your plants will help to extend their life and give them a healthier look, so you can enjoy them and the compliments they bring for a longer time.

The Pots

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  • Terracotta

The classic pot and what most of us imagine when thinking of a plant pot, these actually come in a huge variety of styles and sizes. Semi-porous and fairly durable, the larger pots may be extremely heavy and hard to move.

  • Ceramic

Similar to terracotta, ceramic pots are a little more dense and less porous. They also tend to be glazed all over, giving a less natural and more polished aesthetic. More durable than terracotta, these pots retain more moisture for longer.

  • Metal

Metal plant pots can be very aesthetically effective, depending on their style. Hardwearing and non-porous, they are available in a whole range of shapes and sizes. These pots should be kept out of direct sunlight, as the metal may heat and dehydrate the plant.

The Plants

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  • Cacti & Succulents

Most cacti and succulents prefer drier atmospheres and high temperatures, so the hottest places in the house are perfect. They don’t need large pots, just enough for their roots to grow, so slightly larger in diameter than the plant itself. Some varieties of cactus and succulent do prefer moisture and survive better in bathrooms and kitchens, so please check before placing.  

  • Grasses and Ivy

Many grasses and some house-ivies come from dry climates and need a dry atmosphere to survive. Slightly larger pots that drain well and don’t hold excess moisture are better for these, along with spots that provide sunlight and lots of air.

  • Trees and Bushes

The most popular pots for indoor trees and bushes are terracotta and ceramic, as the weight of the pot secures the heavier plants better. The pot also needs to be around twice the area of the root ball to allow for growth. A sunny spot and regular watering with good drainage should keep your tree happy.

  • Flowering Plants

Many flowering plants can prove to be a lot hardier than they look, and given sunlight, water and drainage, can survive just about anywhere. This doesn’t apply to all, though, and some are very delicate, so please always check your plants care label.

Our range of pots is diverse in style and materials, with everything from hanging baskets and tree pots to matching sets for tiny plants, so finding the perfect pot for your plant can be all fun and no hassle.