Home Design & Décor Shopping Kitchen is King

Your home is everything – it’s where you relax, it’s the heart of your family and everyone wants a home they can be proud of and show off to their friends. Decorating your home is much more than the paper and paint on the walls, though, and carrying your chosen aesthetic through all of your home furnishings can help really make your home your own. The kitchen can be a great place to start, as it contains all the things you use to entertain, especially for bigger events.

The Star of the Party

Good quality kitchenware doesn’t just look good. It can last a lifetime and save you money on replacing broken items, as well as doing a better job. It can also give you the confidence to try new things as you test each new piece you invest in. Our kitchenware shop has an array of alluring and thought provoking examples to suit a range of abilities and aesthetics.

If you’re a dinner-party diva, investing in high quality serveware is a must, as it will be out at every party. You want beautifully made serving dishes and ladles etc., but you also want something that suits yourself and your kitchen and that you won’t tire of seeing again and again. Choose carefully, and your dishes could be the talk of the town.

Glassware is another area that requires some thought. Pairing suitable glasses with your guests' drink requests is made easier with a wide range of glassware. From champagne glasses to red and white wine glasses, brandy bubble glasses, and coloured tumblers, Bøde’s range really mixes it up.   

Once you have collected a varied selection, there are a few other tricks you can use to make them stand out. Like keeping tumblers in the fridge or freezer, or keeping brandy glasses somewhere slightly warm.

glassware - plates

Dining in Style

Dinnerware can be a little different, as it likely doesn’t just come out for special occasions. This only means it should get more consideration, though, as it will be under your nose for much more time than most of the others here. Make sure you invest in a set that covers all the dishes you regularly make, and if you can match it with your glass- and serve-ware, it will look all the more spectacular once arranged on the table.

Finding all this may seem daunting, and you may be left wondering where to shop for home design & décor in the UK but worry not! Bøde UK has everything you need and quite a lot that you are yet to discover, and it’s all in the same place. Use the filters to refine your search, and our website will provide exactly what you’re after. Happy hunting!