Functionality in Furnishings

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When it comes to furnishing your house, you want your furniture to look great. It also needs to serve the purpose for which it is intended. A couch needs to be comfy; a coffee table needs to be convenient and a candle holder needs to be creatively designed.

At Bøde-Living, we are always on the look out for great designs, but also great functionality. If we discover something that radiates a Feng Shui energy, you can bet you’ll find it in our shop. When we find pieces that serve double functionality though, the Feng Shui Geiger counter goes off the radar.

Multi-functioning furniture is a great way to make the most out of your living spaces. It can make life easy, make rooms look great and in some cases, can be a solution to a problem.

Let’s take a look at some of our furniture and furnishings, we think have superb functionality.

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Pillar Oval Side Table

This stunning piece from Dutch designer HKLiving, has two cylindrical legs with grooves that make it reminiscent of Grecian architecture. Made using white teak and MDF, both the ‘pillars’ and oval tabletop are sprayed and polished, giving a premium bright white finish that will bounce light around your room.

Divide Shelf Unit Grey

Perfectly suited to any room in the home, office or place of work, this versatile, minimalist shelving unit is both lightweight, and sturdy. With a metal frame and a mixture of glass and wooden shelves, as well as a set of three drawers, the shelving can be adapted to your requirement. The Danish design is finished in brushed matte metal and the grey ash shelves each have the most perfect grain.

The sections are easily slotted together in whichever arrangement you desire and are easy to fit and adapt to any space.  

Game Wall Lamp Brass

A complimentary addition to any wall, this brass lamp from Home Doctor works well in living- or bed-rooms. The moveable arm gives the lamp an interactive functionality that allows you to position the lights gaze over any area.

The inside of the lampshade is finished in white giving an impeccable glow. Setting the mood of the room, positioned behind your favourite reading chair, it can light up the pages on your current choice of literature (did you know we sell books as well?)

Olive Green Cabinet

*Ring ring* - “the 60s are on the phone, they said they’re back in fashion!”

This beautiful cabinet from Dutch designer HKLiving is finished in a smooth olive tone, both inside and out. The double doors open from the centre to reveal shelving, which compiles four compartments, each roughly a foot squared.

The styling is a look straight out of the 60s and would not be a miss at the side of a living room, vestibule or in the bedroom. At 80cm(L) by 40cm(W) across the top, there’s plenty of space to place trinkets, mirrors, vases or photographs.

This is just a very small selection of our offerings, to see more, check our collections page by following this link.