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Stylish Furniture and Art for Small Apartments

most functionality out of your living area. When renting, the challenge is even greater, as few landlords will allow tenants to hang impactful wallpaper or fit furniture. All is not lost, though! By making smart use of bold stand-alone furniture and well-chosen wall art you can transform a small living space into a stylish home you’ll love.

What is the Most Efficient Way to Furnish a Small Apartment?

An alternative style with similarly impressive levels of usefulness is the yellow Tam Tam Side Table. Its sleek lines and minimal yet fun design bring a joyful energy to a space. Useful for stacking magazines, displaying plants, holding a cuppa, and for extra seating when needed, it makes a cheery and versatile addition to any room. 

Create Depth and Space with Mirrors and Pictures

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Use Modular Furniture to Maximise SpaceFurniture that can be stacked, expanded, or minimised as needed is a great way to make the most of available space. Even better, it offers flexibility and adjustability so can be modified as your needs and living quarters change. 

Mustard Made Lockers

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While it may seem challenging to furnish a small apartment in a way that makes it a functional yet inviting home that reflects your personality and taste, by getting creative and making smart furniture and décor choices, it can easily be achieved.

Effective storage, clean bold lines, strategic use of mirrors, and multifunctional furniture can all help create a living space you can fall in love with, no matter how limited the size. For more charming home accessories to bring your apartment to life, check out our full range of home decoration products here.

Home Furniture

Get the most out of your available space with Home Furniture from Bøde.


Striking Silhouettes and fun colours that bring the most out of your room.

Mustard Made

Defining the storage game with their contemporary take on the classic locker.