Creating an Outdoor Oasis: Designing Stunning Outdoor Spaces

Scorching summer sunshine may be a short-lived affair for us, but we do love the chance to get out and enjoy our gardens. When you put a little time in and add in a few comfy extras, your garden can become a welcome extension of your home.

More than somewhere to just step into now and then, your garden can easily become a haven away from the rest of the world. Transform a tired and unloved yard into a stunning space with our backyard oasis ideas.

What does backyard oasis mean to you?

It sounds great in theory, but what does creating a backyard oasis really mean? For many of us, our garden is a little piece of greenery within an urbanised concrete world. Adding a few little extras and taking the time to beautify it helps to create a relaxing and calming space to enjoy at any time of the year.

Your backyard oasis could be a cool and tranquil space, with water features and all you need to chill after a hard day’s work. If you’re more of a sun seeker, your idea of an oasis could be bright open spaces, the perfect spot to lounge, sunbathe and take in some rays.

Creating a beautiful outdoor space is about more than simply buying a sun lounger or picnic table, it’s about those finishing touches that bring your space to life, injecting your style, personality, and taste.

Transforming plain patios into gorgeous living spaces

A beautifully furnished garden quickly becomes a much-loved extension of your home if you pick the right pieces to suit your style. Treat it like an extra room you can enjoy throughout the year.

To create an aesthetic outdoor space, you need to find those finishing touches to elevate your backyard, adding fun, character and your personal style. Try out our top tips below to transform your garden into something special.

Add comfort with soft furnishings

Keep cool with parasols and umbrellas

Entertain alfresco with stunning table layouts

If your garden isn’t giving the aesthetic look you want, take inspiration from our tips and consider a few choice pieces to add style and comfort to your space. Explore our garden collection to see everything we have to offer and create your very own backyard oasis.

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