Creating an Ambient Living Space

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Having a room in the house in which you can truly unwind and relax is essential. Somewhere to recover from a day’s work, to enjoy a book, entertain guests or spend time as a family.

There are many ways to create an ambient living space, the Japanese have a whole art dedicated to it in Feng Shui. At Bøde-Living we use an approach based on what we know, which is colour, texture, design and cohesion.

Finding home furniture and décor that sits well together is a great way to settle your mood. Whilst the art of Feng Shui concentrates on the geomancy of the room and the energy its contents arouse, Bøde’s philosophy lies in the subtlety of the Scandinavians.

Easy living, natural, neutral and simplistic.


Your colours should be, where possible as close to the tones found in nature. Neutral greens, blues and greys will lighten your mood, whilst a warming comfort can be found in pale oranges and chocolatey browns. Brighter colours such as red, pink and yellow can often be too energetic and have the opposite effect.

When matching your carpets, walls, chairs and other furniture, using the same methodology should bring it all together. Sticking to neutral tones, with matt finishes should bring no awkward contrasts.

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Textures and finishes can also play a big part of the ambience of your room. This is particularly important for furniture such as carpets, flooring or rugs. Your chairs, throws and pillows should be inviting. Plush rugs and soft comfortable seating will ensure you can drift away when you require the respite or sit for hours when taking the evening off.

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As for furnishings like bookshelves, side-, coffeetables or shelving units, again think natural. If you can find pieces with natural wood finishes and good quality grain, you’ll give the room an air of the natural world, which is positively proven to help you relax.

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Having different options for lighting gives you the ability to decide how the room will work. Wall-lights, floor-standing, table and ceiling lights can work in different combinations to present different atmospheres. With smart-bulbs or simply a variety of bulbs around the room, you can light up corners, shower the space in brightness or dim to a level perfect for bringing you round to bedtime.

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Using curtains and blinds, you can control the amount of natural light you choose to let in day or night. Having natural light is important, especially if the room is to be used at length throughout the daytime. Nothing quite beats the illumination of the sun!


Last-but-not-least is the room’s organisation. This is particularly important for the readers amongst us. Having a spot for your books so they are within reach but not cluttering the table and sides, will bring you comfort.

Many items of furniture can find other functions outside of their intended purpose. So, even if you only have a small space to work with, clever choices with your furnishings can help conceal clutter and keep the ambiance of the room at optimal levels.

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