Complimenting Your Décor with Accessories

A well decorated room is a pleasure to sit in, but décor is much more than the paint and paper on the walls. Choosing the right home accessories to suit your décor can bring a room to life and make it a space you really love.

If your living space is bringing you down and you feel like you both need a cheer up, investing in some new homeware could be just the ticket.

Getting started is the hardest part of any project but try just sitting in your room and thinking about what you would like to see in there. Is there a theme or style that appeals to your taste? If so, that could be a fun place to begin. If not, sketching yourself a little plan can be helpful and is also a good way to stop you getting distracted along the way.

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Recommended Brands

The following brands are some of our favourite Scandinavian homeware collections, with eye-catching ranges, coordinated sets & colours to suit all tastes.

&Klevering’s homeware range is bright, colourful and very textured. These pieces are unusual, quirky and very appealing. Contemporary shapes in a variety of styles and colours make a fun and interesting collection that will have no trouble bringing some life into your space.

Broste Copenhagen’s collection is contemporary and classic in equal measure. A mix of neutral colours and brighter palettes on home accessories with clean lines and simple shapes give a really effective sand-and-sea feel even with the brighter colours.

Bongusta Denmark make soft furnishings in beautiful colours and styles and using exquisite materials. The luxurious softness of the towels, rugs and robes will be all you long to snuggle into and their unmistakable stripes make them a striking addition to any home.

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Refresh the Look

If you’re décor is fine but you just fancy a change, swapping old accessories for new can have the same effect as a mini-makeover, and give the effect that you’ve made yourself a brand new room. Changing things like curtains, rugs, wall art and ornaments can really have a huge effect on your room and if you want to really give it a fresh feel, you might even start moving some furniture around.

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