Complimenting Your Décor with Accessories

If your living space is bringing you down and you feel like you both need a cheer up, investing in some new homeware could be just the ticket.

A well decorated room is a pleasure to sit in, but décor is much more than the paint and paper on the walls. Choosing the right home accessories to suit your décor can bring a room to life and make it a space you really love.

Getting Started

Recommended Brands

The following brands are some of our favourite Scandinavian homeware collections, with eye-catching ranges, coordinated sets & colours to suit all tastes


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Broste Copenhagen

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Bongusta Denmark

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If you’re décor is fine but you just fancy a change, swapping old accessories for new can have the same effect as a mini-makeover, and give the effect that you’ve made yourself a brand new room. Changing things like curtains, rugs, wall art and ornaments can really have a huge effect on your room and if you want to really give it a fresh feel, you might even start moving some furniture around.


Rugs are a great way to protect your floor & give character to a living space.

Home Decor

The ways in which we choose to enhance our home surroundings match our personalities.


Clever use of lighting can work wonders in your living space.